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The Democratic Youth Coalition represents an inclusive national grassroots movement of young activists participating in civic engagement programs that support progressive and democratic campaigns and causes. Programs include youth-led town halls, outreach and issue based campaigns, and coalition-building partnerships that empower youth to get involved in democracy. The youth vote is extremely important, not only for presidential elections, but for all future elections, and our work will ensure that the United States continues to receive strong youth and student engagement.

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Dear Members of Congress,

We are living in a generation where the significance of humanity seems evanescent; these instances of gun violence are acts of brutality, and a failure to act is a failure to all of humanity. What are we passing on to the next generation? We rest our trust in you, as legislators, to restore our hope in a safe society, where there isn’t a constant fear of gun violence. 


Our hearts are saddened, and our thoughts and wishes are with the victims and families affected by the dreadful series of shootings in El Paso, West Texas; and Dayton, Ohio. Unfortunately, these were not isolated instances, and people live in constant fear of gun violence as the death toll keeps rising.


The United States has the 32nd highest rates of deaths from gun violence. The National Center for Health Statistics reports 38,390 deaths by firearm, of which 24,432 were by suicide and 13,958 were homicides. According to data from the Gun Violence Archive, the United States has seen at least 156 mass shootings in 2021. It is only April. Our plea was not only established as a response to the events of the past couple days: our plea speaks to the urgent need for gun safety legislation as a result of the 156 mass shootings in 2021, 610 mass shootings in 2020, 417 mass shootings in 2019, etc. The numbers keep rising but we are yet to see concrete action to stop these tragic events.


We ask you to support the following policies in your respective legislative bodies:

  • The White House American Jobs Plan, which proposes a $5 billion investment over eight years to support community violence intervention programs;

  • The Firearm Licensing and Registration Act, which establishes a process for the licensing and registration of firearms and prohibits the possession of certain ammunition and large capacity ammunition feeding devices; 

  • The Congressional Gun Violence Prevention Research Act, which authorizes the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to conduct or support research on firearms safety or gun violence prevention;

  • The Senate Gun Violence Prevention Research Act, which authorizes the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to conduct or support research on firearms safety or gun violence prevention; and

  • The Gun Violence Reduction Resources Act, which authorizes the Department of Justice to hire 200 additional agents and investigators for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.


As youth, we are disheartened that these calls for action have fallen on our shoulders, but we are hopeful: hopeful of a better future, hopeful for our communities, hopeful for our schools. In these circumstances, it is clear that the future of the nation depends on our ability to act now.


The Democratic Youth Coalition appeals to Congress to implement these long-needed measures to take action on gun violence prevention. Now, we humbly request all members of Congress to address the crises and make judicious choices. 


The Democratic Youth Coalition




January 3rd, 2021— The Youth for Joe Biden leadership team voted unanimously for the rebranding of the campaign to become the Democratic Youth Coalition. 

After successfully electing Joe Biden as the 46th president of the United States, the campaign team chose to move forward with a rebranding to encompass their commitment to serving American youth. With this rebrand, the campaign will be focusing on national progressive political campaigns and providing a platform for candidates to voice their opinions. Additionally, the campaign will be providing candidates will data on youth opinion for politicians to integrate diverse opinions into their policies. 

This rename and rebrand represents a significant step in the organization's evolution. The campaign is redefining who they are, driving change and shaping the future of the youth political participation. Already establishing new initiatives, the Democratic Youth Coalition is changing the political landscape and allowing for youth civic engagement. Through the interview program, the team is able to learn about democratic candidates and provide a database for youth to access information regarding elections.



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